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3 Lessons Students Must Learn from the France Football Team

Even before the World Cup started, the Les Blues were burdened with the expectation of repeating the 1998 World Cup heroics, and also reminded of the despair of the Euro 2016 defeat. But all the pressure notwithstanding, the French team clinically defeated Croatia and picked up the coveted FIFA World Cup 2018 trophy in Russia on 15th July.

In France’s epic run to the finals, they gave us some invaluable lessons that the students of distance education courses should imbibe in their day to day lives.

Have a Strategy

The French football team had a sound strategy for every opponent. When they played Uruguay, they were aware of Uruguay’s attacking prowess. As a result, after scoring a goal, the French got all their men back to defend in large numbers.


As for the finals, they were aware of Croatia’s tireless midfield comprising of Rakitic and Modric. The French let the opposition midfielders have the ball possession, thereby tiring them out. As soon as they got the ball, they would use their pace to counter attack.

This strategy helped them to slip 4 goals past a very resolute Croatian team. A key lesson that Distance MBA students should learn from this is that you should read your situation well and prepare a strategy beforehand.

Believe in Team Work

France’s performance at the FIFA World Cup 2018 was an epitome of team work. Their defence was well organized, midfield provided solid support to both the defenders and helped in transitioning the ball to the strikers, and the strikers ran riot in the opposition’s 18-yard box.
If you were to name outstanding players from the French outfit, you would either be able to name none, or end up naming all of them, because every player had an equal part to play. Such was the collective valour of the French team that all the players gave their 100% and trusted each other blindly.


MBA courses require consistent team work, be it in projects or assignments. MBA is one of those courses where peer-to-peer learning, group studies, networking and team work are emphasized upon a lot. Just like the French team, team members should perform the tasks allocated to them with utmost dedication and efficiency.

Turn setbacks to inspirations

The French football team was widely touted as the strongest team in Euro 2016. Both pundits and football fans believed that they would easily go on to lift the trophy. However, despite being the better team in the finals, they lost the trophy to Portugal.
The heartbreak was tough to endure, but the French kept training. Their next big chance to impress came a full 2 years later at World Cup 2018. But the French persisted, persevered, and won the biggest trophy in world football.



Sports teach us a lot. It’s up to us to either view them as simply avenues of entertainment, or as a means to learn and grow in life.

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