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How 3 of the World’s Most Successful Men Manage their Time

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to achieve a lot in less time? It’s not just about smarts and passion, but also effective time management. With a busy professional life, it may get difficult for you to stay on track with your distance learning curriculum.

Let’s learn from the world’s most successful people and find out how they manage the same amount of time that everyone else gets in a day.

Richard Branson

This self-made billionaire starts his morning at 5 AM and the first thing he does is exercise! This boosts his energy and productivity. His second time management tip is to focus on the task at hand. According to him, it’s important to not let technology take control of your life. Instead, you need to have full control over it. Check emails and texts when you want to, and then put your phone away so that it doesn’t distract you or eat your time.

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Richard loves to be on the move and he often conducts meetings when he is standing. There are also times when he takes this a step further and even has walking meetings. So as to not lose time thinking and brainstorming, he even keeps a notebook with him at all times. He jots down his ideas as and when they occur to him so they aren’t gone forever.

Elon Musk

Elon is also known as the master of time management. He works 100 hours a week and probably does more than any other person could, even if they worked 100 hours a week too. He manages his time by constantly looking at ways he can optimise his tasks through the day. He also has a secret email ID that he uses to communicate with his companies as he avoids phone calls, and prefers to communicate asynchronously.


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To make more time, he studied how much sleep he would need and further modified his schedule so that he could sleep less and work more without letting it affect his productivity. He also relies on batching (combining several tasks together) his work to manage his time better. It could be replying to emails while listening to music and sipping on a beverage. He also uses stimulants such as caffeine to keep him going through the day.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark believes that you get what you spend time on, so if he wants to release 3 new products he focuses his time on them. As the creator and head of Facebook, you can imagine the number of things he needs to get done. However, instead of worrying about doing it himself, he manages to invest in those around him, a strong team means fewer issues requiring his attention.

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Mark is also known for his patience. He does not rush through a task, he would rather take the time needed to get a task done to perfection on the first try. Another way he makes more time is by eliminating the need to worry about the little things. For example, he wears the same t-shirts and pants so that no time is spent on choosing clothes daily or trying to match clothes.

The next time you’re cramming for an MSC IT, MBA or even BBA distance learning exam, try to figure out which time management tips work best for you.

Leave us a comment and let us know which of these tips you’d like to try.

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