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“I’ll start tomorrow”

“It can wait till next week”

“I still have a few more days”

“WHAT? Exams start tomorrow?

If we got a mark for every time we’ve said this, we’d all be toppers, wouldn’t we?

Even Harry and Ron did this. But, Hermione didn’t.

Whether it’s distance education or otherwise, when you try studying everything in a short span of time, you forget all of it as soon as your exams get over. It surely doesn’t help in the long run; especially when it’s time for an interview.

If you’re a distance education student, you may be trying to juggle work or any other commitment with studies. Scrambling right before your exams is only going to be detrimental, for both your work/commitments and your studies.

The learning here is that we’ve got to be smarter and think of the future. Then you’ll see yourself way ahead of everyone else in the long run.

To substantiate our claim, below are 8 reasons why you should stop studying right before your exams.

  1. Sleep is precious

Why give up on your precious sleep during exams? Get some good sleep the night before your exam. A good night’s sleep will keep you calm and composed when you give your exam. All you have to do is prep a few days earlier.

Fact: Sleep improves your concentration, memory and therefore your ability to remember what you’ve studied, when you give your exam.

  1. Stress is stupid

Anxiety causes stress and nervousness. Wouldn’t you prefer keeping your cool in a stressed environment? Start studying in advance so that you have the time to take things at your own pace. We can’t “stress” enough on this!

Fun fact: Eating dark chocolate reduces stress levels.

  1. Distraction is for the weak-minded 

Pride yourself on being taller, stronger and sharper? Then keep up! Reading the same chapter again and again without any progress is a waste of time, especially before exams. Read it once with complete concentration and be done with it. This can only happen without the stress of exams looming over your head.

Fact: Taking multiple yet short breaks while studying increases your concentration.

  1. Friends are fun 

We completely agree! Choose a study partner who is at the same wavelength as you are in a subject. Make notes and mnemonics that will help both of you remember the points. In this manner, the final and much awaited revision would be a quick and productive activity.

This casual and fun way of studying can be best implemented if you’re not subjected to exam pressure.

  1. Food is a priority

Have an exam tomorrow and a whole lot to study? Maggi, chips and a lot of coffee are an easy fix when time isn’t on your side. They can sustain you only for the first exam. Your energy is finite and it will deplete with every passing exam. We can’t emphasize enough on planning a little ahead. Eat a scrumptious meal and continue to keep your serotonin levels high.

P.S. Eat lots of chocolate.

  1. Mugging is pointless

Don’t understand an important topic? Resorting to mugging is just a waste of precious time. So be smart, understand the topic and you will recollect it in your exam. All you have to do is study a little in advance.

  1. Bad memory is for the old aged

Want to be young all your life? A strong memory power will help you go a long way! To work on your memory power, your brain needs to be exercised regularly, much like your body. Read, concentrate, understand the topics and study regularly even if it is for a short span of time, to give your brain this much needed exercise.

Fact: It’ll prevent dementia in the long run.

  1. Confused? Obviously!

Studied 234967 topics in a span of 2 hours? You will have a tough time remembering these many topics during your exam. Remember, you have only 3 hours to write it all! So, avoid the confusion by studying in advance.

Plan a little ahead and you will definitely perform a lot better in your exams. You don’t want to be in a sad and sorry state when you’re in a difficult situation. Imagine what would have happened to the Harry Potter series without Hermione saving the day multiple times! Better be safe than sorry!





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