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Did you just complete your distance education with flying colours and also made it to one of the top companies? Congratulations! You surely must have checked the company’s website time after time and researched about it before making your final decision.

However, it may so happen that the reality could be totally different once you join the firm. All your efforts of finding a distance education university, studying, and cracking an interview could land in vain if you find the company and the job to be different from what you thought.

So, if you are still confused on whether or not you have started your career with the “right company”, here are some points to your rescue.

  • The culture conundrum

Let’s say you learnt about the importance of a healthy culture in an organisation during your MBA specialisation. All buckled up in your suit, you arrive at your workplace on the first day just to find that the culture is not as ‘cool’ as you had in your mind.

You might adjust for few initial weeks during your training or probationary period.  However, once you get to work, you might end up in a frustrating condition. All your mirth and merriment of the new job may evaporate like steam from the kettle. So, if you are not ready to mould in the existing culture, you know you are in a wrong company.

  • Look carefully at the growth graph

You may have undertaken a comprehensive research before signing on the dotted lines of the appointment letter. However, there are certain aspects and latent information that you get to know only after you become a part of any organisation. One such crucial factor is “Growth of the Company.” Based on the future plans of the company, current sales & profit figures, etc. you can figure out if the company is growing or not.

It is indispensable to find out where exactly your firm is heading because the growth of the company is directly proportional to your professional growth.

  • Quick fixes to your work problem

There are certain issues that need the attention of your superiors and you can’t manage them on your own. They could be:

  • Office politics
  • Workplace bullies
  • Lack of support from co-workers

If these issues are taken care of, you will be able to give your best at the firm. However, when you don’t find any solution for long, you certainly need to try at another firm.

To wrap up

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. It is necessary to undertake an extensive research before taking up any job. It is even more important to settle at the workplace after getting selected. However, settling doesn’t mean to compromise. You didn’t pursue distance education to settle for something that is not worth it.

If you feel that there is a mismatch between your skills and what your job is demanding, you are surely not in the right company. Look for better job options and for companies where you can learn and put your skills and knowledge to the best use.

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