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Five Inspirational Stories from Your Favourite Footballers

The battle for the golden cup of glory is fierce and draws the world’s largest audience to their TV sets. Such is the craze for the FIFA World Cup. We all know about the achievements of famous football players, but did you know the players you worship faced several setbacks in their lives before hitting the goal?

The journey to putting on the golden shoes is not easy and tests the body, mind and the spirit. Several students pursuing a BBA or MBA course can learn from this great sport and its players. Ronaldo, Messi or Zidane, all have a story that can inspire you to try harder and strive for perfection.

Sky’s the limit

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Lionel Messi

Messi is known as the ‘small’ kid who made it BIG. There was a time when Messi couldn’t score goals as a child due to severe growth hormone deficiency. While the treatment was available, money was a constraint for his family. Various clubs that offered help did not follow through on their promises. Cut to Today, Messi (along with Cristiano Ronaldo) leads the number of Ballon d’Or won by a player.

Your ability is stronger than the challenges thrown your way, if you are willing to prove it to the world, just like Messi did.


Having spent his entire childhood in extreme poverty, Neymar grew up to become the seventh highest earning player in the history of football. His dad, Neymar Sr, worked three jobs to bring Neymar’s dream come true.

Education is costly, yet learning is something that can come for free if you have the passion. Today, the internet has made it possible for students to learn virtually anything online. You can learn the right skills by taking up distance learning courses from Sikkim Manipal University – Distance Education to pursue a career of your choice.

Luis Suarez

Like many football players from South America, Luis didn’t even have the money to buy soccer shoes when he was young. Living in a big family of nine, Suarez had the wealth of relationships and understood their value, but no financial support. His wealth of relationships is what helped him reach glory. The Uruguayan footballer credits the love of his life, his wife, for helping him gather the determination and courage to become a world-class footballer.

Who doesn’t have a tough time studying for exams? Your friends can be your greatest mentors in such a situation. The practice of group study is a great way to encourage and inspire each other with a little touch of competitiveness.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The football legend was born to a working-class family with little money to fuel his dreams. Ronaldo lost his father at an early age leaving him to struggle through the early years of his life. He was a skinny teenager on the field chasing his dreams with nobody believing he’ll ever make it this big. Today, Ronaldo is seen on the cover page of health magazines and is one of the highest paid sportsmen in the football world.

Ronaldo’s success is a living proof of what happens when talent meets hard work. Now you have a new reason to admire Ronaldo’s poster in your room.

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Bhaichung Bhutia

What can be more unfortunate for a footballer than to be born in a country obsessed with only one sport – cricket? However, that didn’t discourage Bhaichung Bhutia from following his bold dream of becoming an international club soccer player. Bhaichung took the onus on himself to train hard and today he is remembered as India’s all-time record goal scorer.

Bhaichung is an inspiration to every distance education student who wants to follow his/her dream, even if it’s not mainstream. Not everyone wants to become a doctor, engineer or a cricketer, and Bhaichung’s story dares you to be different and follow your true passion.

All in all, irrespective of whether you’re a student enrolled in classroom program or correspondence course, you would do well to understand that success comes from how you tackle setbacks. If the great footballers mentioned above had decided that life was too hectic or tough for them – they wouldn’t have made it. Their perseverance and dedication led them to the top. So, take a leaf out of their books and work hard! Someday, you will surely reach your ‘goal’ too!

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