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Lessons Learners Can Learn from Hima Das, the Small Town Winner of Hearts!

From humble beginnings in a small village to becoming the national sprint queen, Hima Das’s journey looks anything but easy. The path which started from the rice fields of Assam and led to an international podium, is glittered with inspirational anecdotes, which any distance education student can take heart from!

Hima is a hope for anyone who feels that their origins are holding them back from achieving greater heights of life. Most people believe that those staying in villages do not get the required exposure or the kind of opportunities that allow them to see such dreams. But well… Hima Das made it all come true by winning the 400m final of the IAAF World U-20 Athletics Championships.

Source: Zee News

That being said, if you’re a distance learner, there are so many amazing lessons you can learn from the latest sporting hero of our country. Let’s find out what they are!

Perseverance is a lifelong companion

If you want to achieve a lifelong dream, you have to be perseverant. Right from an MBA course to an MCA program, every field requires dedication. Do you think the first Indian to win gold at a global track event was just a naturally gifted athlete who did not have to put in the hours? Think again.

Hima’s training was intensive right from her youth. She would wake up at 4 AM every day and go for long runs. As years passed by, she woke up even earlier and went out for even longer runs! Add to this the hours she spent helping her father with farming in paddy fields, and you know that hard work is what makes her tick!

Source: hindustantimes

Change can be the best thing sometimes

Did you know that she was a lot more fond of playing football than running? Despite societal conventions coming in her way and football not being regarded as a ‘girl’s sport’, she just went on to play with the boys of her village. She didn’t lose heart though and her off the bat meeting with Nipon Das, her coach paved a path for her that she probably never imagined running on!

Ultimately, it is all about where life takes you and whether you are in sync with it by steering in the right direction. Also, as per her friends, Hima’s biggest dream was to wear the Indian Jersey someday and finally India too wanted to watch her flaunt it. Such is the power of determination.

Source: Facebook

Seize every opportunity

From having no proper spikes to shifting her base entirely to Guwahati, Hima showed that your origins might define you only if you keep the right values imbibed in your heart. Do not give up on your dreams because the place you are in does not allow you to see any, instead strive to achieve them and give every little Hima a ray of hope while you do so!

All in all, there are so many lessons you can learn from the new sporting icon of India. She dared to dream, and worked hard towards it, and that’s what it takes to make it to the top! So if you’re pursuing a correspondence course in Mumbai or a distance learning program in Bangalore, just be sure to dream big, perseverance and who knows, someday you could make your village, town, city or entire nation super proud!



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Himanshu Patel

let me say first, i am so proud of HIMA DAS. she proves that dedication is the one thing we need to be successful in any field. she is true achiever and she achieved her goal without facility and less support.

and thank ypu for bringing her in to focus writing this article.



Here we have a life long lessons for any sportman or woman out there…


mobil chat odalari

It is very nice to do sports. I love these athletes


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