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Three Lessons from the Uber-consistent Steve Smith

We aren’t sure how well your 2017 was, but it certainly ended on a good note for Steve Smith, captain of the Australian national cricket team. Our cricket fans would be aware of his incredible form this season and may have even side-lined their distance education course at times to catch his matches. Acclaimed as one of the greatest batsmen today, Smith’s inspiring career transformation can teach you a few lessons, which you can implement in your professional and academic life.

#1 A change of field can also lead to success

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The road to success is paved by failure! Steve Smith is a fine example of this. He debuted as a bowler, but was considered mediocre for a long time. In fact, nobody expected him to last long. Fast-forward to the present day where he is saluted as one of the top batsmen in the world!

How did Steve come so far? Through meticulous planning and immense hard work. He transformed himself by continuously refining his area of strength and focussing on his goal to be the best.

Similarly, you may have chosen an MCA distance course and realized later that distance MBA was your calling. It is never too late to switch, but only dedication and hard work will help you last!

#2 Have a never-say-die spirit

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Here’s an interesting fact about Smith – he was dropped from the Australian team for a couple of years due to poor form. But did he give up? Of course, not! He used this time to regain his form by working on his batting techniques and staying fit. Even when he joined back, his team suffered a series of losses. However, there was no stopping this young skipper. When he had to fill out for Michael Clarke as the captain, all his years of hard work paid off as he led his team to victory.

When pursuing a distance degree course, you can easily fall behind and lose self-motivation. To keep up with lectures or assignments, you need to put extra effort and focus harder.

#3 Adapt to changing environments



How do you think Steve Smith climbed the ladder of success so quickly? It was his excellent batting skills across all formats that pushed him into the limelight. Over time, he has also emerged as a remarkable leader; he can flip his game and technique at any time to suit the situation, making him unpredictable. He has been so adaptable that he scored both his fastest and slowest centuries in one series!

When adapting to challenges in a distance education course, you could develop a personalized learning schedule for each subject, thereby tackling them uniquely.

The bottom line is that if you want to experience success, always keep your head in the game and stay consistent!


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