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Posted On 25-02-2015 10:30:07   |  Category Self Improvement

Effective Participation in Meetings

Your success at work and in your profession depends a great deal on how actively you participate in office as well as business meetings. An active and fruitful participation in meetings highlights your contribution to work much more than your silent everyday schedules. This is not something one may come across while pursing one’s degree or a distance education degree, but is good to know about. Take care of the following aspects to leave your mark in a meeting:

Prepare well: You must be aware of...
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How to be an Entrepreneur

You can term it as a desire to be your own boss or simply wishing not to work under someone - but more and more people are opting for entrepreneurship these days. Though it might be a dream come true, not everyone succeeds in the venture. 

Entrepreneurship is not something to be taken casually because if it fails it may lead to serious setbacks in terms of money, career and prestige. It requires guts to handle the perils and pitfalls of the initiative. Check out whether...
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How Social Technology has Changed the Work Culture

Gone are the days when every employee had to walk in the office to do his/her work or necessarily go out of the office to attend a meeting or make a presentation. Today you can work sitting at home and conduct business meetings without even stepping out of your office. Social technology has given altogether a new meaning to work culture. Familiarity with some of the following concepts will help one fall in sync with today’s work scenario:

Outsource work: An employer doesn’t necessarily have to...
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Tackling Difficult Collegaues

Since in every sphere of life one has to undergo human interaction - one’s success, happiness and peace depends a great deal on how skilful he/she is in handling people. This is more so at workplace because your equation with your colleagues will decide your happiness quotient in office. Not all your colleagues will across as cordial and supportive people. There will be someone or the other to make life hell for you by pulling your legs, passing remarks or putting obstacles in your work. Here’re...
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How to Effectively Manage a Team

Despite so many people pursuing MBA (full-time, part-time or distance education) these days, management remains one of the toughest jobs on earth and more so the team management. Most employees may either hate their boss or be envious of the special privileges he/she enjoys but ask the boss what a task it is to lead a team comprising of members with different mindsets and weave them together to achieve the given targets. The challenge for the boss is all the more daunting when confidence...