Merchant Banking and Financial Services syllabus

Course Code: MF0017

Course Title: Merchant Banking and Financial Services  (4 Credits)



Course Contents


Unit 1

Merchant Banking and Financial Services: Introduction, concept of merchant banking, financial system in India, development of merchant banks and regulations


Unit 2

Issue Management - pre-issue and post-issue management activities performed by merchant banks.


Unit 3

Underwriting and Brokerage -This unit introduces you to the different roles played by underwriters and brokers in issue management and their responsibilities


Unit 4

Raising Capital from International Markets - needs of Indian companies for raising funds from foreign markets usage of euro issue, evaluation of various types of depository receipts -American Depository Receipts, Global Depository Receipts, FCCBs and FCEBs.


Unit 5

Financial Services - financial services in India, types, and importance, online trading, dematerialization and re-materialization


Unit 6

Depository System in India - depository system, the Depository Act of 1996 and depository participants. NSDL, CDSL and benefits of a depository system


Unit 7

Mutual Funds and AMCs - mutual funds, various types of mutual funds schemes, advantages and disadvantages of investing in mutual funds, egal structure and the regulation of mutual funds in India.


Unit 8

Lease - leasing, benefits and limitations, types of leasing


Unit 9

Hire Purchase - important financial innovations— lease financing and hire-purchase financing


Unit 10

Mergers and Acquisitions – Introduction of mergers and acquisitions, benefits of mergers, the procedure and theories of mergers and the legal aspects governing mergers, acquisitions and takeovers in India


Unit 11

Portfolio Management - Introduction of portfolio management, theories of portfolio management, techniques of portfolio evaluation and measures of portfolio revision.


Unit 12

Credit Rating - Introduction of credit rating, processes, scope of credit rating agencies in India.


Unit 13

Securitization of Debts -Introduction of securitization, features, advantages and the steps involved in the securitization process, guidelines laid down by the Securitization Act, 2002,


Unit 14

Venture Capital Funds -Introduction of venture capital fund, features, emergence of venture capitalism in India.


Unit 15

Factoring - process and features of factoring, types of factoring contracts, advantages and disadvantages of factoring, differences between factoring and bill discounting, process of factoring as it exists in India and explains the process of forfeiting.